Basketing's Ban Dispute

Minecraft Name: Basketing
Time of Ban: 08.07.2019

I was banned for hacked client by thierrycool a little over four months ago. I am very sorry for braking the rules and I really want to play again with my friends. I have been very immature at that time and thought I could get away with it. I have learned that cheating is bad and I have chosen to stop a while ago. If I get unbanned I will not cheat on this server. I really enjoy this server and it is the only survival server I really like. I worked on it every day but one day I decided to x-ray and be very petty with it which resulted in my ban. I am very sorry and I would really like to play here again. My minecraft username at the time I got banned was saint_abida.

Hey @Thierrycool could you have a look please?

You have been clearly told not to create another ban dispute.
For anyone who doesn’t know what was going on, I’ll summarize it here.

The first dispute and details about the ban can be seen here…

Side note: Note the completely different writing style. I would also like to add that on your ban dispute you have asked for other survival servers twice, before deleting it.

Your second ban dispute can be seen here…

I have told you that creating further ban disputes can result in a forum ban and clearly told you not to create any further ban disputes.

So now within not even half a year, you have made yet another, third ban dispute.

As I’ve pointed out in the first ban dispute, the rules are very clear, when you were given a chance to say something, you said you didn’t care and then proceeded by attempting to activate yet another hack.

That, combined with the fact that you didn’t listen at all to the clear message about not creating yet another ban dispute, makes this pretty clear: You’ve proven on multiple occasions that you don’t really care all that much and don’t listen.

Ban remains permanent.
Dispute closed.