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Today on March 10th, I was banned for 7 days for repeated profanity. Before I argue in my defense, I will present my version of what happened. Keep in mind I do not have access to chat logs, so I can not verify with 100% accuracy what was said. On the night of March 9th, I joined the server for the first time because two of my friends (Science, doomthecheese) were playing on it and told me that it was a great server with some cool people, so I joined. That night there was not many people on the server so we were just conversing as normal. All three of us are adults and thus tend to occasionally use more mature language when talking with each other. The night went very well and I had a great time playing on the server and getting a small house set up. That night I had received no formal warnings for my alleged misconduct, and I continued playing just like I always do.
The next day, March 10th, I logged back into the server. I was conversing as normal and then I was warned by the admin MeowingInsanely for excessive . I was initially confused as to why I was receiving this warning, they explained to me that I had been using profane language the previous night and that it is not acceptable. I complied with this from the time of the warning to my ban. I did not use any profane language, and I was subsequently banned for seven days. I feel that this ban is too excessive. This warning was my first warning by an administrative staff member, and I was banned shortly after despite not using any profane language from the time of my warning to the time of my ban. I had a fun time during the short day on my server, and I would love to get back to playing as soon as possible. If my ban were to be lifted prematurely I would comply with all rules and regulations as well as warnings by staff and non staff members.


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For further clarification, here is proof & explaination for your ban.

  • Explaination

Normally, for me, I would give 3 warnings if what is said is no issue, though as your ban reason says, you already were warned.

  1. You were warned for the first time by a player for profanity. [1st Warning]
  2. You were warned for being inappropriate, 4 minutes passed, you again were inappropriate.
  3. Despite the 1st warning, you around less that 1 hour later you swore again.
  4. You were warned again by another player for profanity more than 1 hour later. [2nd Warning]
  5. My warning was from that sentence as I did not review your case yet. [3rd Warning]

Understand that even if warnings are informal which in this case was made by non-staff player, that does not mean they do not hold any weight.

Some players are too young or are uncomfortable with people uttering profanity & that is why we, the staff, have set it is as a rule.

I have also noticed you & your friends quarrel with the VIP players, this does not impact your ban, but I do want to clarify that they are not immune to bans / warnings as well as high ranked players [such as Expert+]. However, they do strive in trying to keep the server from being thrown into chaos which is why they cannot be blamed for whoever’s downfall when they report them.

Short proof for No immunity to bans


Hi Meow,

Thank you for taking the time to reply in this thread.
My issue with the ban is the lack of warning I have felt that I have given. I do not feel that it is fair to say that I did receive warnings. As you stated these warnings were by players, not staff members. This distinction is very important because the actions and words of staff members carry much more weight that those of non-staff members. I think that we both do agree with that assumption. Following the logic of this assumption I did not get three warnings which you have stated is the norm with these types of bans. Another thing I would like to point out is that I did not swear at any time following your formal warning.
I think that a ban is too severe given my conduct following the warning.

Hai again =3

Yes, I do agree with that assumption. However, as I said it is a “Norm” for me to address 3 warnings, I do in fact can ban people without them.

Just because I or any staff gave a warning, doesn’t mean that your far past behaviour was accounted for. Especially that I explained that the warning was only for the recent incident. The final verdict was concluded because players did report the transgression. People most likely do not report just because, it might be that they could not handle the situation & so we do take these reports seriously.

Due to this the ban duration will not be changed.

Dispute Closed

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