Survival Farm Worlds

We have added farm worlds to TC Survival. Farm worlds are like regular worlds, we have an overworld, a nether and an end. They are ment mainly for resource gathering and will be reset from time to time.

Given that the server map is quite old and only updated at the borders, we’ve seen a lot of issues with resource depletion. A prominent example for a rare item are shulker shells, which only
a few players have accumulated, making it really difficult for new players to aquire. Regularly replenishing worlds should make this fairer.

There are three warps:

  • /farm-overworld
  • /farm-nether
  • /farm-end

Farm worlds behave differently from regular worlds, they:

  • Reset regularly without prior announcement (don’t build anything you want to keep!)
  • Teleport you out when you log out
  • Don’t allow you to set a home, or use commands like /jump or /top

The usual rules apply, especially: no griefing

Please try them out and let us know what you think!


First of all, in the nether home, it wasn’t very clear which part wasn’t protected. I didn’t see any message saying “You are now in the wilderness” or anything. Did I miss it?

Also, since you can’t set homes, I’d recommend having an /rtp in those worlds (maybe with a long timeout?), especially the nether.
/back also teleported me on top of the nether, which didn’t really help :wink:

Looks nice, though! :smiley:


Thanks for the feedback! We’re currently looking into protection messages and random TP.
I’ve just fixed an issue where you could die from the world border when flying through it in the end world.

Here is what I found on my first trip through the farm overworld: